Date 23/09/2018

By Henrietta


Request quote for Minivan for 6 pax according to schedule:
Oct 8/2018 (6 luggage)
18:30 Brazil time: Pick up at Howard Johnson Ciudad del
Este. Assist Paraguay Exit & Brazil Entry stamps.
19:15 Transfer to Marco Das Tres Fronteiras.
22:30 Transfer to hotel Nacional Inn Iguacu.
Oct 9/2018 (No luggage)
08:45 Transfer to Brazil Iguacu Falls Visitor Center to buy
tickets, drop off at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas.
10:45 Transfer to Argentina Parque Iguazu Visitor Center.
15:30 Transfer to Porto Kattamaram.
19:00 Transfer to Restaurante Dourado - Cataratas Clube.
21:00 Transfer to hotel Nacional Inn Iguacu.
Oct 10/2018 (6 luggage)
04:45 Transfer from hotel to Foz do Iguacu Int'l Airport.
Thank you.